Cadence-Style Ministry


Cadence has a program called Cadence Associates Field Staff (CAFS) where active-duty military serve as part-time staff and create a Cadence-style ministry at their current duty station. Eric and Rachel Vaught serve in this capacity with Cadence. Eric is a Navy doctor, and Rachel homeschools their sons. They are providing wonderful ministry to Navy personnel and their families, I am excited for you to read their story.

“When we arrived in Italy three years ago, we joined Cadence International as Cadence Associates with the intended goal of starting a Cadence Hospitality Ministry in Naples, Italy. It had been many years since Cadence last had a presence in this Navy community. We partnered with the base chaplains in support of the services on Sunday mornings and their outreach to the community throughout the week. 

Rachel led the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) for two years, we hosted a weekly Bible study in our home, and we supported other ministries on the base for singles and men’s groups. To the glory of God, we have been able to make small steps toward that goal as we left a thriving base chapel community with strong relationships across the various ministries. 

We have now moved just north of Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island. Eric is transitioning to the Navy Reserves and starting a new job leading a community health center in Fall River, Massachusetts. Cadence does not currently have a presence on or near the Newport base, so we will be seeking opportunities to start new ministries over the next couple of years in partnership with the base chaplains and our local church. 

The Newport base is a very transient population, with most staying less than one year at the Naval War College, officer indoctrination training, and multiple senior-level courses. Despite the challenges of a transient population, all Navy chaplains start their careers in Newport! This will provide us with great opportunities to introduce them to Cadence and the various ministries around the world. Please join us in prayer as we seek direction for the next steps in ministry and how we can best support military families in our area.” 

Thank you for partnering with Eric and Rachel and Cadence staff around the world as they minister to our military people and their families!

David Schroeder