We are pleased to offer this free download, written by Cadence staff, as a seven-day devotional guide as you process the global pandemic and emerge to a “new normal.”

Cadence ministries are beginning to regather according to varying guidelines from local, military, national, and international authorities regarding COVID-19. Please contact your local Cadence ministry for an up-to-date schedule of meetings and activities.

Ministry to the Military

“Beneath the uniform is a person God loves, with whom we are delighted to share the gospel and our lives.” David Schroeder, President.

Cadence International ministers to military personnel, their spouses and dependents.

Young, searching, impressionable, moldable, and eager for relationship, many of those serving in the armed forces are in some of the most strategic moments of their lives—moments of receptivity, of soul-searching, of discovery, and of life transformation.

It is in these moments that Cadence has the honor of sharing the gospel and our lives with military people and their families. What a privilege!