Cadence just finished a four-day mission-wide pause from ministry to “Selah” together.

Selah is a Hebrew word used 74 times in the Old Testament—71 times in the book of Psalms and three in Habakkuk. Its exact meaning is somewhat of a mystery, but biblical scholars and Jewish etymologists believe its roots contain the idea of pause, silence, or interlude.

The Septuagint (earliest Greek translation of the Old Testament) translated Selah as “intermission.”

It is most likely a musical notation. Thirty-one of the 39 Psalms that include this word also add the notation “to the choirmaster,” tying Selah to the singing of the psalm and to moments of pause, quiet, and reflection within the psalm.

It’s as if David and the other psalmists are inviting us as readers to pause, be silent, and reflect on the words just written, spoken, or sung in the preceding sentences.

This word, Selah, syncs up beautifully with our mission’s name. Dictionary definitions list cadence as a rhythm, flow, or beat used in dancing, singing, or marching.

One of my favorite experiences of military community life was hearing the early morning sound of military people marching or jogging to a called-out cadence during physical training.

When I speak to others of the meaning of our name, I suggest that we in Cadence call military people to walk in step with Jesus and to live out the music of praise to His Name.

Our Cadence Selah was an intentional pause and intermission from this wonderful ministry to the military to seek God together, to ask that He renew our hearts, and to listen for the whisper of the Spirit’s voice.

Missionaries are not known as people who like to slow down, pause, and reflect—which is exactly why we asked them to do just that! And we did it together, in each of our locations, as all of us were guided by four extensive and interactive reflections created by one of our staff, Sandra Bradley with graphics by designer, Kimberly Lamb.

It was a powerful time.

Consider the impact these four days will have on the fruitfulness of our ministry to the military as we have trusted the Spirit to raise and strengthen the spiritual vitality and health of the entire organization and its people!

I hope and pray that in your life you have times of Selah as well—intentional moments set aside to pause, reflect, and seek the Lord.

We love and appreciate you, our dear supporters and friends. God bless you.

David Schroeder