Selah Resources

Reflection Links

Day 1

Be Still and Know by Steven Curtis Chapman

Psalm 131, NIV Audio Bible

Psalm 131, The Sons of Korah

Silent video Breathe: Being with God in Silence, Emotionally Healthy

English: Mother and Child by Mary Cassatt, 1890

Father and Son by Natalia E. Duarte, 2012

Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest) by Kari Jobe

Documentary film Godspeed

Day 2

Gentle Awakening by Jim Brickman, on Spotify or YouTube

Genesis 16 Audio Bibile

Video of the desert regions of the Holy Land (Israel Judea Desert Holy Land, Mike Edri, Offroad)

Sage and Time, by Iris Scott

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Holland

Oratorio by Nicole C Mullins and Kathie Lee Gifford

How to use art and collage as a spiritual practice, Heather Plett

Always Good by Andrew Peterson

Wilderness by Anna Byrd

Day 4

I Thank God from Maverick City Music, Grapeview Church

Echo Holy by Red Rocks Worship, Live from Littleton

The Chosen Scene: John 3:16

Magnificentby U2

The Hallelujah Chorus by Handel


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