Q: How do I apply?
A: Cadence requires all applications to be submitted online through our website. Click here to apply. Review the steps to serving as a Limited-Term/Intern and Full-Time Staff.

Q: Is Cadence associated with a denomination?
A: Cadence is not associated with any denomination but is a member of the ECFA.

Q: How do I get paid a salary while I’m raising my support?
A: Cadence missionaries raise funds for ministry expenses, benefits, including health care, and a monthly salary.

Q: What is the application process like for missionaries?
A: In general, the process includes a two-part application, pre-screen interview, three Skype interviews and candidacy. For specific details, read the Limited-Term/Intern and Full-Time Staff processes.

Q: Why do I have to raise funds or pay for candidacy?
A: Nearly every dollar that comes to Cadence is raised by a missionary’s support team. The vast majority of those funds go directly to missionaries. Only a small part of the funds received go towards the administrative needs of the mission and this amount is not enough to include the costs of candidacy. It’s also an opportunity to grow in faith and preparation for building a team to support you as you minister to the military.

Q: How does Cadence train and care for its missionaries?
A: Cadence has candidacy training in-house, SRS Bootcamp, pre-field training with the HR team and on-the-field training when you arrive from the field leader.

Q: After my appointment, how long does it take to get to the field?
A: Between 7-18 months

Q: How does Cadence assign missionaries to locations?
A: Cadence first considers the needs of the whole mission, then the needs of the missionary family alongside gifting, passion and capacity. It’s generally a request and dialogue with the missionary.

Q: What are the qualifications to be a Cadence staff?
A: We would like five years of full-time vocational ministry experience or a BA/BS with 30 hours of Bible and/or ministry training.

Q: When is candidacy and when does my application need to be completed by?
A: We hold three candidacy sessions each year:

  • Third week of October, application process completed by July 31
  • Fourth week of February, application process completed by Nov 30
  • Second week of July, application process completed by April 30

Q: How does Cadence help missionaries raise support?
A: Cadence provides in-house training during candidacy, outsources training from SRS Bootcamp, we use the God Ask as our primary text and we provide a MPD (ministry of partnership development) Coach to help you during your MPD. We also provide accountability on a regular basis.

Q: What is Candidacy?
A: Candidacy happens three times a year at Cadence HQ and it’s the final stage of our selection and vetting process. Its generally four to nine days, depending on how many candidates are attending. The first few days are interviews, evaluation on candidates’ Bible study teaching abilities, and evaluation on candidates’ counseling abilities. The last few days are training.

Q: What does a typical week look like for a Cadence missionary?
A: A Cadence missionary’s typical week looks very similar to a pastor in a small church. General activities may include: lesson preparation, discipleship and mentoring meetings with individuals, counseling appointments, ministry program preparation, administrative duties, facility upkeep, chapel attendance, small group Bible studies, meals, fellowship, outreach activities, and service events.