Full-Time Application Process

Application Deadlines

Candidacy is held at the Cadence Headquarters twice a year. Please note the following dates and application deadlines:

  1. Fall session in October, application process completed by July 15
  2. Winter session in March, application process completed by December 15

Complete the application packet by December 31

Complete the online application.

If married, Cadence International requires that both husband and wife complete individual applications.

After Human Resources receives your appliation and makes initial contact with you, the following items will be sent to you and then must be completely filled out and returned within 45 days:

  1. Reference Release Form* (one form for each reference). Individual applicants: five references are required. Married applicants: five references for each spouse are required. Two types of references are required: 1) Employer/Supervisor and 2) General—one of the general reference forms should be from a pastor, other ministry leader, or someone who has observed you in a ministry setting. Select a reference who knows you well and is not a relative. Please include both a phone number and an email for each reference.
  2. Stewardship Assessment Form. For individuals and couples, one form is required.
  3. Authority for Release Form.
  4. Background Check Form.
  5. Each applicant must complete the Bible Assessment Tool. Applicants will receive a link to the BAT, a one-hour multiple choice questionnaire designed to aid us in understanding the applicant’s present knowledge of the Bible and theology.
  6. Complete the Theological Writing Assignment (husband and wife may complete together). The TWA is a writing assignment on particular theological topics.
  7. Request official copies of your school transcripts to be sent to the HR Department, PO Box 1268, Englewood, CO 80150 or fax to 303.783.0414.
  8. Send a copy of your certificate of ordination or license or commission (if applicable).

*For each reference, you must first complete a Reference Release Form. Be sure to have your signature witnessed. A witness can be a parent, sibling, spouse, co-worker, or friend.

Initial Phone Screen

Once Human Resources receives all your application paperwork, an initial phone interview will be performed.


References will be contacted via email following the initial phone screen.

Application Review

After references are complete, the Human Resources team will review the applicant’s file, prayerfully considering appropriate next steps for the applicant.

First Phone Interview

A phone interview with the Director of Mobilization will be held.

Second Phone Interview

A phone interview will be held with at least two members of the HR team.

Teaching video or audio reviewed

Applicants continuing in the process will be asked to send a video or audio sample of their teaching.

Virtual Interview

A virtual interview will be held with the Director of Pastoral Care.


Those applicants who are deemed ready by our HR Selection Committee will be invited to attend candidacy at our mission headquarters in Englewood, Colorado.

Candidacy takes place twice a year at Cadence HQ and is the final stage of our selection and vetting process. It is generally a week-long process. The first few days include interviews, evaluation on candidates’ Bible study teaching and counseling abilities, and mission fit. The last few days include onboarding and training.


After prayerful review, the Human Resources Selection Committee will reach a decision regarding appointment to missionary service and inform the candidate at a designated time during candidacy week.

New Missionary Training

If you attend candidacy and are appointed as a Cadence missionary, you will be invited to stay for the second half of the week of new staff training.

Partnership Development

The first assignment of newly appointed staff is to raise their financial support and gather a prayer support team. This assignment is called Ministry Partnership Development (MPD) and training and coaching will be provided. Once the missionary has received necessary training and raised their support, they are released to their field assignment.

Document Submission

All items may be delivered via email (HR@Cadence.org). If you prefer to send hard copies, please mail them to:

Cadence International
Attention: HR Department
PO Box 1268
Englewood, CO 80150