We Send


The Cadence Way lists five priorities that describe the unique ways Cadence ministers to and impacts military communities and the world for Christ. You can find them on the front page of Cadence.org. They are:

We Stay: In a transient and mobile military community, Cadence offers stability, strength, and consistency over the long haul to each installation we serve.

We Serve: Cadence enjoys favor with the military community and has a proven reputation of serving military personnel and families in general, and chaplains in particular.

We Shape: Cadence staff are experts in creating and sustaining biblical, life-changing fellowships within the military community.

We Send: Cadence ministries are constantly releasing military people transformed by Christ to live for Him wherever He sends them.

We Strive: Military ministry is all Cadence does. It is our one focus, passion, and joy. Cadence gives its all to the global military communities we serve.

I believe Cadence is ministering to one of the most receptive, responsive, and strategic “people groups” in the United States. Here is a recent quote from one of our hospitality house staff:

“We are energized by the multiplication of ministry we see in our hospitality house folks who gather around our table to build relationships, then turn their eyes outward to invite others in, and also welcome newcomers around their own tables and into their lives. We are watching our people go out from us as the Lord, through the Army, takes them on to their next place of service like gospel seed being scattered.”

We send—“like gospel seed being scattered.” This is how the Kingdom of God grows and advances, and thanks to the military’s high rate of rotation, our Cadence staff “send out” up to 30% of their people every year. These transformed Cadence Alumni are scattered to various military communities all around the world. When they complete their active duty or retire from military service, the Holy Spirit sends them into all corners of the U.S. and to many global communities. They then catalyze and continue this fruitful multiplication as they “live for Him wherever He sends them.”

Not only are your financial gifts to Cadence a significant strategic investment in the Kingdom of God, but they are also the Spirit-fueled source and sustainment of this worldwide ministry.

Thank you for being vital partners in the Cadence Way!

David Schroeder