This Present Moment


“Really, God?”

Am I the only one who asks that question from time to time? Over and over, I have found myself in new environments. Military moves, different ministry locations, and changing seasons of life bring new relationships and variables, and it can be so easy in those moments to feel the weight of change.

There are days I wish my circumstances were more comfortable or that I had more or less of something. At times, when an obstacle lies in my path, I am once again faced with the decision of how to respond to it. When I am walking in the Spirit, I desire to live fully where the Lord has placed me. But when I walk in the flesh, it’s easy to find reasons to complain or resist, and then I miss what God wants to do in the present moment.

As a family, we have been searching the Scriptures for those things that God commands us to do. It has been both rich and challenging. The four most common commands we find in Scripture are these:

  • Give thanks
  • Praise the Lord
  • Rejoice
  • Do not fear

When we examine our present circumstances through the lens of these four commands, our entire perspective changes. We find that our hearts and minds stop searching for answers, and we find purpose, peace, and power from the Lord, sufficient for us in the present moment.

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in today, I invite you to approach them with these four clear and loving commands of God in mind. May you find His power, His peace, and His purpose this day. You are right where you need to be.

By His Spirit,
Dave Hutchings
VP for Field Ministries