Men and Women in Ministry

Position Statement

Cadence International’s Board of Directors affirms and approves this Position Paper in an effort to honor differences on a theological matter not defined in the Cadence Statement of Doctrine while providing a framework within which our staff may minister in unity. This position aligns with the mission’s original charter to be an “evangelical, nonsectarian, and interdenominational” parachurch organization dedicated to sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community.



  1. We will approach this discussion with humility as we seek to honor God, work together well as men and women, and advance the Kingdom of Christ.
  2. We will continue to learn and grow in our understanding of God’s Word, believing it is our authority while also realizing biblical interpretations throughout history and in our days sometimes differ.
  3. We will keep the main thing the main thing: The Gospel of Jesus Christ and the need for salvation for every person on this earth through Christ alone. We will display Gospel-unity through diversity when engaging one another on the topic of men and women in ministry.
  4. We will celebrate the many ways men and women work well together in various facets of ministry within Cadence.



  1. We believe God created men and women equal in value, dignity, and purpose. Both male and female are given His creation mandate to rule, subdue, co-create, and bear the image of God.
  2. We believe the expression of image bearing contains both sameness in common humanity and distinctiveness in unique masculinity and femininity.
  3. We believe men and women alike are chosen by God, gifted and enabled by the Holy Spirit, and called for His Kingdom work.
  4. We believe the Great Commandment and the Great Commission are for all believers, both men and women, working individually and together.



  1. We affirm that Cadence is not a local church nor do we plant local churches, and are therefore not organized according to any particular church leadership structure. Cadence is guided in decision-making processes by our grounding in biblical truth, principles found in our Core Values, and our charter as an “evangelical, nonsectarian, and interdenominational” mission agency.
  2. We affirm that the matter of men and women in ministry is one on which we commit to work with those holding differing views because this does not fall within our organization’s core theology defined in our Statement of Doctrine.
  3. We affirm that leadership within Cadence will include both men and women. When making appointments to leadership, we will give due consideration to multiple factors, including one’s calling, giftedness, and the needs of the mission.
  4. We affirm that for married couples a healthy God-honoring relationship between husband and wife is vital to their ministry and one of the criteria for service with Cadence. As it relates to this matter, Cadence staff are free to live out their biblical convictions in their families, homes, and local ministries within the principles and practices outlined in this Position Paper.



  1. We will honor and develop the gifts God gives to our staff, and we will look for and encourage opportunities for them to use those gifts within our mission.
  2. We will offer leadership development and pathways of growth for both men and women.
  3. We will be intentional about working together as men and women, understanding that each have vital and important contributions to make to our organization. We will display professional respect to fellow staff members who hold differing biblical convictions on this matter.
  4. We will practice holy living and sacrificial love in relating to others, including our spouses, colleagues, friends, and the military community.
  5. The Cadence Board of Directors affirms and approves this Position Paper as of February 27, 2021. Furthermore, the Board directs the President and the Executive Leadership Team to work out the application of this Position Paper as it best aligns with the mission and charter of Cadence, and in accordance with biblical principles, sound leadership, wisdom, and love.


A Note From

Cadence Leadership

We are grateful that you are taking a few minutes to read about Cadence International’s position regarding the roles of men and women in ministry. The Cadence Executive Leadership Team desires to promote greater clarity and understanding about these changes. We believe the following will provide helpful information toward this end.

An organizational position paper on Men and Women in Ministry was unanimously adopted by the Cadence Board of Directors in 2021. This position paper updated a 2005 policy on the roles of women in ministry. In moving from a policy that took a more denominational approach, this position paper aligns with and affirms Cadence’s original charter to be an “evangelical, nonsectarian, and interdenominational” parachurch organization. We believe our updated position provides greater opportunities for our men and women to partner together on behalf of the gospel.

This updated position provides clear opportunities for both men and women to lead and teach in Cadence, strengthening and catalyzing our calling and mission of “sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community.” The Board of Directors did not see the need for Cadence to limit its theology and practice to one sector of denominationalism on this matter.

The 2021 position paper continues to affirm Cadence’s long history of embracing traditional, complementarian perspectives and practices amongst our missionary staff and ministries. It also embraces those who have different perspectives of biblical theology on this matter. Believing this to be a non-salvific, second-tier issue, Cadence encourages diligent study of the Word and robust discussion but does not believe different theological understandings of this issue necessitate division. We recruit, release, and honor staff who live and teach from a range of biblical perspectives on men and women in ministry as we seek to love Jesus and focus on the centrality of His life, death, and resurrection.

Cadence is committed to displaying gospel unity within diversity as staff engage one another on this subject, and as they continue to live out and teach their personal convictions in their specific ministries and locations.” Cadence’s Statement of Doctrine remains as originally written since the mission’s beginning in 1954 and holds Cadence’s historical and enduring foundational tenants of the Christian faith, agreed upon by all who serve in the organization. Additionally, Cadence’s position on Marriage, Gender, and Human Sexuality presents our biblical belief that God created marriage to be a sacred and covenantal union between one man and one woman.

All these documents, along with Cadence’s Core Values, integrate to provide a solid and enduring biblical foundation upon which Cadence shares the gospel and our lives.

Cadence continues to be a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, incarnational ministry to military people and their families. We are eager to display Christ-like unity so that the world may know the love of God as prayed for by Jesus (John 17:20-26).

Thank you for standing with Cadence as we continue to bring glory to Christ and the gospel to the world He so loves.

In Christ’s Love,

David Schroeder, President
Paul Bradley, VP for Affiliate and Foreign Military Ministries
Natalie Harper, CFO/VP for Administration
David Hutchings, VP for Field Ministries
Brian Kleager, VP for Strategic Partnerships and PR