Executive Leaders


I want to take this month’s letter to introduce our four VPs who serve with me on the Executive Leadership Team for Cadence.

Natalie Harper serves as the CFO/VP for Administration. She has served in this capacity since 2014 and oversees the Cadence finance and HR departments, donor services, Information and Technology, and HQ operations. Natalie joined Cadence in 2008 as the Director of Finance and in all her roles has provided thoughtful oversite to the mission’s financial stewardship and integrity. Natalie’s administrative and leadership gifts are supported by a Bachelors of Administration in Accounting and a Masters of Nonprofit Management. She adopted her daughter Alaya in 2016 and enjoys the daily gift of parenting. Natalie takes great joy in serving alongside our HQ team and supporting our field missionaries and ministries.

David Hutchings serves as the VP for Field Ministries. David oversees all our field ministries, leading and coaching our Cadence field leaders. Originally from Colorado, David joined Cadence in 2007 and has served together with his wife Andrea in many aspects of Cadence ministry including student ministry, adult ministry, field leadership, and directing the student and children’s ministries. He has gained perspective on our different field ministries and each branch of the military through his 15 years of Cadence experience, and he looks forward to bringing that experience to bear in the equipping and encouraging of our field staff throughout the mission. He also enjoys encouraging and serving military chaplains.

Paul Bradley serves as the VP for Affiliate and Foreign Military Ministries. Within this diverse role, he oversees our Ambassadors, CAFS (Cadence Associate Field Staff), Cadence-owned facilities, and foreign military outreach. In addition, he and his wife Sandra are currently serving as WestPac field leaders. Paul and Sandra have been with Cadence for more than 30 years. Beginning in 1993, they served for seven years with Malachi Student Ministries and then five years at Cadence headquarters before moving to Thailand in 2006, where they ministered for 13 years with Cadence Foreign Military ministries. Upon their return to the U.S. in 2019, Paul served an interim role as VP for Field Ministries before taking on his current role. Paul loves investing in leaders and helping teams work through challenges and accomplish goals.

Brian Kleager serves as the VP for Strategic Partnerships and Public Relations. Within this role, he will be building partnerships with like-minded ministries, overseeing the communications department, growing our organizational development team, providing support to the growth of our alumni ministry, and leading our work with wounded soldiers in Burundi, Africa. After experiencing the ministry of Cadence during his service in the Army, he and his wife Aimee joined Cadence in 2008. They opened a new hospitality house in Grafenwoehr, Germany and led it for eight years. Following this, Brian led the European field for five years before moving back to Colorado last summer. As the newest member of the Executive Leadership Team, he is looking forward to expanding connections with people and organizations outside of Cadence.

These leaders and their families, like Joyce and me, understand well the importance of people like you who partner with our missionaries and this mission through prayer and financial support.

We all say “thank you” for loving military people in this way!

David Schroeder