Sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community

Pray for the Military and Military Ministries

Pray Now

Pray for Cadence ministries. Pray for Cadence staff. Pray for military personnel, at home and deployed. Pray for military personnel in harm's way.

Prayer is powerful and effective. Your prayers are needed. Pray now.

Pray Daily

Every day people from around the world pray for the ministries of Cadence International. They pray for specific missionaries – for safety, effectiveness, fruitfulness in ministry, for their children. They pray for the hearts and minds of military members and the families of those that are deployed. Prayer is integral to this ministry, and we need you to do it. 

Visit the Lifeline page to read daily prayer requests or fill out this form to receive this publication by mail or email.

Other Prayer Tools

Download a Prayer Bookmark (this file is 2MB). Print it, cut it out, and stick it in your Bible, on a nightstand, or in any book you are reading to remind you to pray for our military and pray for the missionaries of Cadence International.

You can also buy the bookmarks from us. Call Design & Media at 303.762.1400 or 800.396.6680 or email us at