Celebration and Service


America just celebrated its 247th birthday on the Fourth of July. Joyce and I hosted over sixty Cadence-connected people at our house for dinner and fireworks. Our home affords a wonderful view of our city’s firework show, and this gathering has been an annual tradition for most of the past twenty years.

The celebration in our home mirrored those hosted by many Cadence hospitality houses around the globe, where they offered food, connection, and fellowship to service members and their families—an extension of what they provide weekly throughout the year.

One of Cadence’s nine summer interns, who is working with Darrow and Vicki Frazier and the Marines at Hansen Christian Center in Okinawa, Japan, described his experience of their ministry in this way:

“The ministry that the Fraziers have created here is the most fruitful and well-run young adult ministry I have ever seen. HCC provides a way for the Christians on base to connect with each other and offers recreational opportunities every weekend as an alternative to the rampant drinking and partying that the base offers. As a result, many Marines choose to stay the entire weekend. The community they have created, where authentic affection and service are at the center, is nothing short of awe-inspiring.”

The Fourth of July reminds us that the United States is our home, and that despite its flaws and difficulties it remains a home worth securing and defending. This is a holiday where Americans are appreciative of the U.S. military personnel and their families who sacrifice and serve in defense of our country and Constitution.

Cadence is honored to provide places of belonging and love for these patriots in homes and ministries across the U.S. and around the world, where “authentic affection and service are at the center.” For many military people and their families, Cadence ministries are a home away from home. And for some, it is their first experience of a loving home.

Your partnership with Cadence is so significant and appreciated. Because of you, we can faithfully and fruitfully “share the gospel and our lives with the military community” throughout the year.

Thank you, and may God bless you for your investment in His kingdom work through Cadence.

David Schroeder