Becoming an Intern

I thought you would enjoy reading the testimony of Ciera Aguer, a student at The Masters University who is applying to be a Cadence intern this summer.

I remember the first time I learned about Cadence International. I was in high school on my way back from a missions trip. We stayed in a hospitality house and the missionaries explained what they did. I had never heard of anyone doing ministry in that manner. I was so excited. I decided, in that moment, if God called me into ministry, I wanted to model it after Cadence International.

I grew up not far from 29 Palms Marine base and have been around the military most of my life. As a civilian, I will never fully understand combat, but I do understand overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles. I have watched service member’s lives fall apart from divorce, death, or injuries sustained in combat. I have seen people once hardened to the Gospel willing to listen after joining the military. I even watched a grown man cry over his fallen brothers. This group needs Christ. For those that have received salvation, a Body of believers to love and help during transitions is essential.

The best news anyone could share is the Gospel. Cadence does this winsomely. Cadence lets service members build relationships through dinner, retreats, and even scuba diving. I yearn for the chance to learn more from Cadence missionaries and would love to share the Good News with those in the military.

I think Ciera describes Cadence quite well.

Thank you for your investment in this fruitful and powerful ministry.

David Schroeder