A Sailor’s Story


Joyce and I met Senior Chief Sonar Technician Joy Chase at the Cadence hospitality house in San Diego. We were encouraged by her love for the Lord and impressed by her service as an exceptional Sailor.

Five years ago, Joy achieved a career milestone and made history by becoming the first woman in the U.S. Navy to qualify as an Acoustic Intelligence (ACINT) Specialist. She was the 58th Sailor to qualify and the 266th overall in the program’s 55 years. As part of this highly select group of Sailors, Joy is an expert at identifying and classifying acoustic signals in the ocean.

Joy has been greatly impacted by Cadence hospitality house ministries. As she shares:

I first learned of Cadence International from a shipmate at my first duty station in Yokosuka, Japan. I felt so welcomed and at home from the first night I stepped into The Lighthouse Hospitality House. Sam had told them I was coming and two women, Yukie Ida and Tabi Ekvall (Cadence staff and volunteer), were waiting at the door with hugs when I walked in. The Lighthouse became my overseas family and helped me grow in my faith and knowledge of God. As my family, The Lighthouse helped me through the ups and downs of my first duty station including the passing of my brother.

The friends and connections I made at The Lighthouse I still have to this day. I transferred from the East Coast to West Coast last summer and 95% of the people I stopped to visit on my road trip were friends I had made at The Lighthouse, including former directors Matthew and Jill Bachali and Lou and Cathy Rozmiarek. I now attend The Bridge Cadence house in San Diego with the Bissonnettes, and again I have found a family. I am incredibly thankful for Cadence international and their service to the military. They have played a major role in the past 13 years of my Naval career, shaping me into the woman and Sailor I am today. I love you guys!

We love you too, Joy!

And because of you, dear prayer and financial partners, Cadence staff is ministering to Joy and hundreds of military people and family members around the world.

Joy is up for re-enlistment next year and asked us to pray for God’s clear guidance and, “that regardless of what His answer is, I have the courage to act on it.”

On behalf of Joy and all those whose lives are being transformed by Jesus in the military community, we thank you!

David Schroeder