2020: An Unforgettable Year


As we close out this unforgettable 2020 year, I was reminded today on a phone call with one of our Cadence field missionaries that Jesus always does His redeeming work, no matter the circumstances.

This Cadence staff couple are striving to begin a new ministry to the military in the midst of this pandemic. Few people are coming. Making connections on base are more difficult than ever. Last week only 10 military people showed up to the newly established Cadence hospitality house, The Bridge, in the San Diego Military Community.

In their last Cadence ministry in Germany, this couple enjoyed anywhere from 60-100 military people and their children participating in their hospitality house ministry. Only having 10 attend after months of work could have been a discouraging experience for them.

Yet, just today on the phone Ed described to me the joy of ministering to these few. The conversations were significant and meaningful because of the smaller setting. Ed and Joy sense the Spirit moving in these lives, and it was bringing them great encouragement.

This experience is being replicated around the world by Cadence staff as they minister to military people. Yes, numbers are down across the board, but we are wondering if impact might actually be up in some ways?!

Jesus showed us the power of working deeply with a few. These pandemic restrictions have reminded us in Cadence of this important and timeless truth.

Who are “the few” in your life? We pray you are staying safe and healthy as you love those around you. Each and every life is worth our care and investment.

May we all close 2020 with a sense of purpose, with a sense of perspective, and with deep gratitude that God has been with us in this suffering and has not stopped His powerful work in people’s lives.

God bless you, our friends and partners in this important ministry.

David Schroeder