Making disciples that make disciples.

We engage deeply and encourage potential so that students know God, obey God, and make Him known.

Our Approach

Cadence International’s LifeCompass program targets military dependents and those in transition from the military but is open to anyone.  LifeCompass allows you to seek out God’s call on your life and spend concentrated time sharing the gospel, while learning who God has designed you to be. If you are 18-30 years old and interested in finding out your purpose in life while drawing closer to God, then LifeCompass is for you!

What Students Can Expect

LifeCompass is an intentional and relationship discipleship investment.  Students will unpack Christian foundational doctrines and explore spiritual disciplines all while living in Biblical community.

Students will experience personal character development, cultivate their relationship with God and identify their unique gifts and callings. Additionally, they will serve in local ministries, in military ministry and in cross-cultural ministry in Central America.

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“LifeCompass was a life-changing experience for me. It will be a life changing experience for you. There is no better time to dedicate a few months to drawing closer to God and to His heart. When I set aside my will for this short time, God revealed his will for the nations. I began to wrestle with the purpose of my life, and sort of life that God is calling each of us to lead. LifeCompass changed my perspective, my life belongs to God and He has called me to be a life-long disciple and discipler wherever I find myself in the future.” Austin, former student.

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