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LifeCompass Staff
Jim and Rachel Turnage
Andrea Haddock

1043 Richard Simons Rd
Eastover, SC 29044

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Who can apply?
The next LifeCompass session will begin in January 2022. Anyone who is 18 or over by the time you arrive in South Carolina is welcome to apply. Recent High School or College graduates, folks separating from the military, single or married—all are welcome! Unfortunately, neither our schedule nor our facility can accommodate families with children at the current time.

Do I have to be military or a military dependent to participate?
While that is Cadence’s major demographic you do not need to be connected to the military. We are open to anyone applying who resonates with our goal to be a disciple who makes disciples.

Can students have a leadership role with LifeCompass?
Yes, each LifeCompass session will have Resident Assistants (RA). The RA can be a single or married couple, without children. Learn more by reading about the RA Leadership Opportunity

Why South Carolina?
Victory Ranch, near Fort Jackson, is a 19-acre Cadence facility that provides weekend retreats to military groups at Ft. Jackson for training. The beauty, spaciousness, and built-in ministry opportunities of this facility provide an ideal location for LifeCompass.

How much does LifeCompass Cost?
Tuition is $6,450 which includes room and outreach travel. Additional costs include: food and spending money and transportation to and from our property in South Carolina. Scholarships are available for couples or single students who serve as dorm leaders.

How will I pay for it?
We have never had anyone not be able to come due to finances. We encourage you to invite people to invest in you as you pursue God during this time, much like a missionary raises support. We will coach you through this process.

Are donations for my tuition tax deductible?
Since you are receiving a service, they will not be tax deductible.

I am a Cadence missionary—can I use my work account to pay for my child?
Since this is a service you are paying for your child, per Cadence and IRS rules you cannot use work account funds.