LifeCompass Resident Assistant

Leadership Opportunity

The primary goal of the Resident Assistant (RA) is to facilitate a relational environment conducive to the academic and personal growth of students.

Specific responsibilities include the implementation of programs that encourage community development and personal growth as well as the support and implementation of policies and procedures that encourage a positive academic environment. The RA also serves as a peer counselor and resource. It is expected that any person who applies for an RA position is sincerely interested in the welfare of students and LifeCompass, and consequently, is constructively supportive of both.


  • Leadership potential
  • Personal qualities: hospitality, maturity, teachable, problem solver, motivation, initiative, high energy level, and responsible
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Small group skills
  • Couples with no children
  • Applicants must come be recommended by other Cadence International staff. Exceptions may be granted, by the LifeCompass Director.


The RA must enroll for the entire LifeCompass course. Specific dates will be agreed upon based on the next cycle of instruction. The RA is expected to arrive one week early for training.


The RA will receive a $700 reduction to their tuition.

Time Off

The RA is permitted one weekend (three nights) per month off-campus. A weekend is defined as extending from 5pm on Friday to 8am on Monday. The time must be arranged in advance with the LifeCompass director.

Living Arrangements

The RA will be assigned a private apartment consisting of a bedroom, living room and private bathroom. A kitchen is shared with LifeCompass students.

Work Load

It is fully understood that RA work is not easily translated into hours worked per day or week because of the nature of the work. An RA can expect to be on duty on a regular basis, and should be accessible to students in most evenings. Other responsibilities may be determined by the program staff.

Course Load

The RA participates and carries the same load as the rest of the LifeCompass students.

Additional Work and Extracurricular Activities

The RA will be expected to attend the weekly staff meetings. The RA is encouraged to be more than just a presence in the dorms but to build relationships with the students. The living room in the apartment was built with this in mind. The RA is encouraged to invite students over for games and life-on-life talks.


The primary goal of the RA is the development of an environment conducive to the academic and personal growth of students. In accepting a position as a Resident Assistant, a student agrees to fulfill the responsibilities which are supportive of these goals. The following is a summary of the significant responsibilities for the RA:

  • Attend training one week prior to the start of LifeCompass.
  • Be the primary driver of the LifeCompass vehicle.
  • Welcome new students and assist them in getting settled. This will involve airport pick-ups.
  • Work with students to develop a community atmosphere that facilitates respect and concern for others, openness, personal growth, and an atmosphere that is conducive to study.
  • Celebrate milestones, birthdays, and achievements with students.
  • Initiate conversations and visits with individual students in order to become acquainted with them, their personal backgrounds, special interests and needs, and goals.
  • Provide peer coaching (listening and referring) for students and respond appropriately in emergency situations. Provide support and assistance to other staff as necessary.
  • Attend required staff meetings. Work cooperatively with other staff in addressing student concerns.
  • Provide leadership and assistance in planning and implementing community-building programs and activities.
  • Conduct student meetings or study breaks on a regular basis to facilitate group communication.
  • Explain policies to students. Address inappropriate behavior on the part of students or guests. Consult with the staff as necessary to support the implementation of community standards (quiet hours, chores, etc.).
  • Lead and facilitate the outreach portion of the LifeCompass. This involves helping coordinate schedules on site, evening debriefing, devotions, managing conflict, reporting to staff and handling finances. The outreach trip and travel will be planned and prepped by the LifeCompass staff. Students will all have ownership of the above pieces. The RA will act as facilitator.