Sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community

Cadence Student Ministries

The uncertainty military youth feel and their longing for meaningful friendships and lasting truths immediately place Cadence Student Ministries (CSM) youth leaders in a position to influence these students and their futures. These leaders serve the on-base chapel as youth pastors would serve churches in the U.S., equipping the local parishes and program volunteers to minister to their community’s youth, starting with the youth in the chapel by building a safe community for them, equipping them to minister to their peers, engaging them in a meaningful relationship with their creator, and empowering them to use their gifts to minister wherever they go.

As a ministry of Cadence International, CSM serves with a mission to reach the youth dependents of U.S. military.

What is it like to work with military youth?

Working with Chaplains

Ministry Strategy

Ministry Distinctives