Sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community

Pray Serve Give

Cadence International is all about connections: connecting military folks to the Lord and ultimately His work, connecting you to those people and to our people serving the military, and connecting us to you . . . Well, you get the connection. 

We offer multiple ways to make those connections! You can pray for the military and our missionaries, serve as a volunteer or fill-in for house or student ministry, volunteer at the headquarters, or give to the overall work of Cadence or to individual projects, ministries, or missionaries.

We believe that every Christ follower's gifts and passions can have an eternal impact, if not with Cadence then with another ministry. We think what God is doing in and through the American military and the militaries of the world is pretty special and strategic and if you think so, too, we would love to partner with you.

If you want to Pray

Sign up to receive the Lifeline either by mail or electronically, download our prayer bookmark, or order prayer bookmarks from our Communications Department to be mailed to you.

If you want to Serve

We regularly look for volunteers willing to help out at various ministry locations. We need people willing to fill-in at hospitality houses in particular, as well as folks who feel called to minister to the military on a longer-term basis. Find information on volunteering through Cadence Associates here, job openings listed here, and more information on available options for serving as a missionary here.

If you want to Give

Giving connects you deeply to the people or organizations you give to as well as to the Lord as you listen to His voice on where to keep your treasure. You can give directly to a missionary you know or someone who is ministering in a place or to an age group that touches your heart. You can give to Cadence in the Nations as we corporately pursue our vision of exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people. Or you can give to a specific ministry or project.


Whatever God has for you, we would love to be able to encourage you in pursuing that whole heartedly.