Sharing the gospel and our lives with the military community

Cadence Adult Ministries (Hospitality & Retreats)

Hospitality House Ministry

At “a home away from home” servicemen and women find an open door, a comfortable couch, a home-cooked meal, and people who listen, encourage, love, and point them to the hope of Christ. Hospitality houses offer different ministries depending on the location. These may include Bible studies, singles groups, family-focused ministries, evangelistic outreach efforts, one-to-one discipleship, and coffee house ministries. Hospitality house missionaries strive to share the ups and downs of life with military personnel, encouraging them into deeper relationships with Christ and others.

Retreat Ministry

On a Cadence retreat, military individuals are given a weekend of rest, good food, and Bible teaching, as well as respite from their daily duties and training. Retreats offer them a chance to make a phone call home, play some ball, or sleep in. During retreat weekends, participants also take part in a series of classes where they hear the Good News of Jesus, receive spiritual direction, and gain a network for discipleship.