Every month, David Schroeder, President of Cadence International, writes a letter to donors. These letters illustrate the heartbeat of the mission and share stories of God's faithfulness. We hope that you are encouraged as you read his reflections.


Unexpected Change

So much has changed since I wrote you last month.

All our lives have been touched by this pandemic. For some, they are experiencing the tragic loss of loved ones. For all of us, there is grief, uncertainty, suffering, and loss around us. Just a few days ago I broke down and wept—the suffering of our nation and the world just culminated in the need to mourn. Each of us lives daily with this weight on our hearts.

How are you doing?

We’ve been praying for you. Please feel free to let us know directly how you have been impacted and how we can pray for you. ([email protected])

Thank you for continuing to give and pray for your Cadence missionaries in the midst of this upheaval. I know they need and appreciate it greatly. Like you, they long for the day when they can gather together again with their community of believers in their homes, chapels, retreats, and coffee houses.

They are doing well. Most of them are leading virtual gatherings with their military people and their families; they continue discipleship and care through phone calls, Facetime, and other digital means. What a blessing these resources are in days such as this!

As I write, Cadence staff are ministering to military people as we all walk through this unique, contemplative, memorable, and challenging Holy Week. We may perhaps now understand in deeper ways the sorrow Jesus carried in this week as he moved relentlessly toward the cross.

As you read this (and thank you for that!), we will all have experienced Easter Sunday in what will be, most likely, the most unconventional Easter church experience of our lives. Wasn’t it great, though, to celebrate our Risen Savior?!

Holy Week is about lament and reflection in preparation for the joy of Easter.

These days of uncertainty and grief during this pandemic are about reminding us that people need the Lord and they need the gospel. We are to stay on mission until that glorious final resurrection when our Risen King returns for His church.

Onward, Christian Soldiers!

David Schroeder