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Trusting God No Matter What

As we teach children the major Bible stories–from creation to Jesus walking on earth–we are reminded of the lessons too. In each story, we show the children how God’s hand was in it.

“We can trust God no matter what,” we tell them.

And we must believe it too, especially during seasons of change in our lives. Maybe you are in transition as well.

All but one of our core families moved away this past summer. Now we’re welcoming new families, and we’ll invest in them for the next few years.

We run children’s ministry for the Protestant service at our chapel. While we focus on kindergarten through fifth grade, our aim is to impact the entire family.

As in many churches, having children’s ministry during the adult service allows the parents the opportunity to be spiritually fed. Each week, we give the parents devotions to use as a resource. These devotions have helped numerous parents connect on a spiritual level with their children.

We also offer an AWANA club, which starts with preschool Cubbies and runs all the way up to high school Journey students. It is such a joy to hear the kids hiding God’s Word in their hearts week after week.

This Word is steadfast, no matter the change, and will remind them, and us, to trust God no matter what.