37th Helicopter Squadron

The Cadence Higher Grounds ministry on F.E. Warren Air Force Base is led by Brad and Debbie Ellgen.


Cadence in the News: F.E. Warren Air Force Base

The F.E. Warren Air Force Base recently shared a story about one man’s search for community and how he found it on-base.

I’m shy. I don’t really know how to introduce myself or carry on a conversation, and it tends to make interactions awkward. I know it’s my job within Public Affairs to talk to people, but it does not make it any easier. There wasn’t a course on friendship in tech school, but my mom’s words keep echoing in my head, telling me I need to go out and meet people.

Nevertheless, with my mom in the back of my mind, I put on something more casual than ABU’s and went to Higher Grounds.

Read the full story here.

F.E. Warren Air Force Base Community