Dick and Margaret Patty

The Year of the Bible is an initiative that Cadence staff are focusing on in 2017. Together, they are seeking new disciplines to be daily in the Word, memorizing scripture, and encouraging each other with biblical resources.

Cadence founder, Dick Patty, was asked to write how the Bible impacted his life and the following is his reflection.


One Day I’ll Be A Farmer

As a 20-yr. old sailor lying in my ‘rack’ aboard ship one night I asked myself, “Three million years from now in heaven what will I value most about the life I lived on earth?” I fully expected to spend my life farming. As I pondered that question I decided that what kind of a husband I had been would be more important than how many pigs I raised; what kind of a father I was would be more important than how productive my crops of hay and grain had been; and what kind of influence I had with neighbors would count more than how well I kept up the fence rows.

I was a very young Christian—had only been walking with the Lord five or six months—but under the influence of the Christian Servicemen’s Home (like a Cadence Hospitality House) in Jacksonville, FL, I had grown enough to realize that it was God’s Word that could most effectively make me into the person I needed to be. I decided that night to go to Bible College – to prepare myself to be a farmer.

That was the right decision even if I had ended up on a farm. However, a growing awareness of God’s heart for others in the world, and of my responsibility to share His Word with them led to a life of ministry to military folk. Through these years I have had great joy and satisfaction teaching God’s Word, but appreciate even more what it has done and continues to do to me. While in Bible College I began praying Psalm 119:74, “May those who fear you rejoice when they see me, because I have put my hope in your Word.”

If ‘what I am is more important than what I do,’ the application of God’s Word to my life must be given continued attention.