Faithful Giving Through Odd Numbers

It’s not uncommon for missionaries to witness faithful giving. Brian Kleager has visited Burundi, Africa many times working with the Wounded Warrior Camp. Recently, Brian and Aimee shared an opportunity for others to help them provide ongoing support to the Burundi ministry.

They received this incredible response . . .

We prayed about it and will be giving a lump sum of $3,596.53. Kind of an odd number, but there is a fun story behind how God gave us the number. We prayed about it, and felt led to give, but our budget is a bit stretched right now because of university costs for me and the house remodel. We looked at our budget and thought we could do $100 a month if we really buckled down. We prayed for God’s guidance on how much we should give and where the money would come from.

The next day our structural engineer (we took out a load bearing wall) sent us our bill of $3,596.53, but with a note that said he has paid it in full and would like us to use the money for our future mission work or a current mission project we are praying about. We forwarded the info for this mission on to him. The engineer is a great guy who loves the Lord.

Brian and Aimee were so encouraged with how God provided. They shared the opportunity, their friends began praying about it, and an engineer felt the prompting to clear out an invoice. God works in amazing ways!