Every month, David Schroeder, President of Cadence International, writes a letter to donors. These letters illustrate the heartbeat of the mission and share stories of God's faithfulness. We hope that you are encouraged as you read his reflections.


Missed Moments

Her precious, newborn cry pierced my heart with love and longing.

Mid-April, 1996. Tears of joy streamed down my face as I cradled that payphone receiver in the Tokyo, Japan airport. Our daughter, Kyrie, had just been born over 5,000 miles away in Denver, Colorado. She surprised us by arriving two and a half weeks early, and I was halfway around the world visiting our Cadence staff in Asia. I was so grateful to able to listen in on her birth from that payphone!

Years later Kyrie and I were discussing her birth and she said to me, “Well, as long as you don’t miss my wedding!” I sure didn’t!

Back then I did grieve not being physically present for her and for my wife, Joyce, in this amazing moment. In reflection though, I came to appreciate this loss as it helped me understand what so many of our military people have experienced because of their deployments and separation from their families. Since I have never served, it deepened my understanding and appreciation even more.

Consider these quotes from active duty Marines from just a few months ago:

“I remember when my daughter was born, I was in the Gulf when I received the Red Cross message that she had arrived. I was so depressed because I was not able to call home, I missed being there for her birth. It was several days later that I was able to use a satellite phone to call and talk to my wife for about five minutes. My mom, who had traveled out to California to be with my wife, held the phone up to my new daughter’s head so I could tell her that I loved her.” 

“I remember coming back from the Gulf and my youngest son who was maybe 18 months old at the time ran away from me. It took several months of me being home before he would finally come to me.” 

“My wife has learned to answer any phone call no matter what the number is because she never knows how and when I am going to be able to call home and she does not want to miss me. She has answered a lot of scam calls because of this!”

Missed special and important events are just some of the sacrifices our military members and their families make on behalf of the security of our country. I am so grateful!

Thank you for loving these patriots through your monthly giving to Cadence and our global workers. Your gifts allow our staff the opportunity to open (now regathering after these lock-down months) their homes and lives to military people and their families all around the world—both in times of being together and in times of separation.