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Every month, David Schroeder, President of Cadence International, writes a letter to donors. They illustrate the heartbeat of the mission and share stories of God's faithfulness. We hope that you are encouraged as you read his reflections.


Incarnational Ministry

Military Missions Network is a wonderful organization that brings together the “three streams” of military ministry—military community local churches, military parachurch ministries, and military chaplains.

At the recent “Flagship Conference” gathering of over 100 key leaders from each of these streams of ministries in San Diego, CA, Joyce and I had the privilege of delivering a keynote talk on “Incarnational Ministry among Military People.”

This is one of our favorite topics and a core value of Cadence and our ministries— “We believe in the power of incarnational ministry.”

John 1:14 in The Message reads, “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” Jesus took on a human body and moved on to our street here on earth. I love this! He modeled for us God’s heart of love and the core of ministry. And as He came to us, so we go to people wherever they are—geographically, spiritually, emotionally, and developmentally.

Love starts with them.

I believe one of the reasons Cadence continues to bear significant fruit in military people’s lives is because the nature of our ministry is up close and personal. Whether in a home, youth group, retreat, children’s ministry, Bible study, or outreach, our staff and volunteers open their lives and hearts to people. As the old saying goes, we may indeed “impress others at a distance, but we impact them close up.”

Thank you for partnering with us in this impacting incarnational ministry all around the world.

David Schroeder