How was your Thanksgiving celebration? We had 23 people gathered in our home for the day. Some of us played football, others made leather-bound journals during “craft time,” and some played pool and ping pong. All of us ate a lot of food and enjoyed the sweet fellowship of being together. These gatherings also took […]


This month’s letter is from my wife, Joyce, as she expresses our gratitude to you in thisseason of Thanksgiving. David My laptop wallpaper is a beautiful Oregon field, backdropped by rolling hills and a rainbow arching above. I didn’t choose this photo for its beauty, or even for the rainbow which is always a reminder […]

Hospitality: Sharing and Receiving

Hospitality represents the very heart of God and is central to the ministry of Cadence. I trust you will be encouraged by our dear friend, Eric Anderson’s, testimony below. Eric is an elder at Faith Church in Albuquerque, NM and a Cadence Limited-Term staff member. My wife Teresa briefly visited a Cadence hospitality house in […]


Most wind turbines must face the wind. Their ability to generate electricity depends on the long blades being pushed by the greatest possible force of the wind. Thus, the pivot—they move to face the wind and maximize the effectiveness of their work.


This past weekend I enjoyed speaking at the dedication of Cadence’s newest hospitality house, The Gathering Place, at Ft. Carson, Colorado.

A Soldier’s Proclamation

“Surely this man was the Son of God!” Recently, we celebrated the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. What an amazing heritage and hope we have in Him! It strikes me again as I read the gospel accounts that the very first believer the moment after Jesus’ death and the very first proclaimer […]

Becoming an Intern

I thought you would enjoy reading the testimony of Ciera Aguer, a student at The Masters University who is applying to be a Cadence intern this summer. “I remember the first time I learned about Cadence International. I was in high school on my way back from a mission’s trip. We stayed in a hospitality […]

God with us

One of the most tangible expressions of God’s presence with us is the encouragement, comfort, and courage we experience when with His people—our friends and family.

Incarnational Ministry

Military Missions Network is a wonderful organization that brings together the “three streams” of military ministry—military community local churches, military parachurch ministries, and military chaplains. At the recent “Flagship Conference” gathering of over 100 key leaders from each of these streams of ministries in San Diego, CA, Joyce and I had the privilege of delivering […]


“Lord, lead me to the conversations you want me to have.” This was my prayer as I walked down to the lake. About 100 military people (this particular weekend was sailors) had converged on Cadence’s retreat center at Victory Ranch, SC for a day of fun, rest, and relationships away from the rigor of their current training. This peaceful 17-acre property […]