The gift of presence

“The people we did life with. . .” I pulled that phrase from the testimony below because it says so much about our Cadence ministries—we “do life” with military people. We share their joys, struggles, heartaches, and triumphs. We walk through their journey with them. This past month we celebrated Advent and the arrival of […]

2020: An Unforgettable Year

As we close out this unforgettable 2020 year, I was reminded today on a phone call with one of our Cadence field missionaries that Jesus always does His redeeming work, no matter the circumstances. This Cadence staff couple are striving to begin a new ministry to the military in the midst of this pandemic. Few […]

Cadence Needs an RV

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf.” Hebrews 6:19–20a My wife, Joyce, recently wrote this about hope: I bought a plaque in January of 2020 and set it on the mantel above […]

God’s Faithfulness

In the midst of this pandemic when ministry to the military is changed, difficult, and seems more limited, let us all be encouraged by the faithfulness of God and the lasting work He has done and is doing in people’s lives. The following letter to Cadence Student Ministry staff Kevin and Sharon Scheible, now serving […]

Missed Moments

Her precious, newborn cry pierced my heart with love and longing. Mid-April, 1996. Tears of joy streamed down my face as I cradled that payphone receiver in the Tokyo, Japan airport. Our daughter, Kyrie, had just been born over 5,000 miles away in Denver, Colorado. She surprised us by arriving two and a half weeks […]

Hurting for our Nation

Like you, I’ve been hurting for our nation these past few weeks. I’ve also found it challenging to know what to say in these days of turmoil, grief, and anger. I appreciate others who have spoken well, and I resonate with the words and spirit of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) recent statement. Here […]

Unexpected Change

So much has changed since I wrote you last month. All our lives have been touched by this pandemic. For some, they are experiencing the tragic loss of loved ones. For all of us, there is grief, uncertainty, suffering, and loss around us. Just a few days ago I broke down and wept—the suffering of […]

A Great Need

The San Diego Military Community is one of the largest concentrations of American military personnel in the world with approximately 120,000 active duty and another 240,000 or so veterans living and working in the San Diego area. Sitting in the bullseye of this massive military community is Coronado Island, home of the Naval Air Station […]


How was your Thanksgiving celebration? We had 23 people gathered in our home for the day. Some of us played football, others made leather-bound journals during “craft time,” and some played pool and ping pong. All of us ate a lot of food and enjoyed the sweet fellowship of being together. These gatherings also took […]