Jolin Family - Unexpected Baby

This article was originally published as Chris and Jenny Jolin's December 2017 newsletter.


An Unexpected Gift

BrianneGreetings and Merry Christmas! This advent season is a special one for the Jolin’s. God has given us a special gift this year. A baby girl! She is a gift so far out of our comprehension, that we honestly believed it was not possible. On Nov 20, 2017 Brianne Marie Jolin came into the world. We couldn’t be more excited to have her. She is a cutie pie of the highest order.

A dear friend in our ministry here in Korea reminded us what a blessing God has given. Before, and since her birth, she has been anticipated and loved by so many from around the world. In our sweet little girl we are yet again reminded of God’s love and grace so very clearly. His free and unmerited favor toward us comes when we do not deserve it or expect to receive it.

Centuries ago, the angel of the Lord appeared to an ordinary, and unexpecting, Jewish girl to tell her that she would be a part of an eternal plan to bring salvation to the world. Her precious baby, conceived by the Holy Spirit, would be the promised Messiah. In Jesus, the Father’s free and unmerited gift would be revealed in the flesh and offered to all. Just as we gladly and wholeheartedly received Brianne into our lives, you are all given the opportunity to receive Jesus into yours. Have you done this? Scripture tells us that if we humble ourselves, confess, turn from our sins, and receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we will experience the grace of God that leads to an eternity with Him. What an awesome and life transforming gift!