Youth Bible Study

The Cadence Student, Children, and Adult teams are re-imagining what a community based ministry looks like. Rather than serving the community independently of each other, today, they minister with a centralized vision and outreach to all members of the family.

This story is from one of our newest team communities located in Rota, Spain.


A Family Community

Recently a new student came to youth group. He was new to the community and a girl invited him to the Villa. His dad came with him to check out this off-base ministry his son had been invited to.

He came inside and we got to talking while youth group started. After learning some basics—how  long they have been here, where they are from, etc.—I asked about his faith background. He shared that he and his wife have no religious affiliation, but have been talking about a need for something. We talked for a while and I invited him and his wife to the Villa and invited him to bring his questions and doubts in the process. They had indicated a desire to come.

We are praying that he, his wife, and their two kids will to come. More importantly, we are praying that they will experience Christ and see their need for Him. It was pretty cool to see how God has immediately used student ministry to not just reach students who need Jesus, but their parents too.