Our faithful friend Advent has arrived. Oh, some years we don’t give Advent the time of day. But other years we long for its company, for its insight, and for its help in a season full of meaning and mixed emotions. 

Advent is also called “arrival”—the arrival of someone or something important. While we journey with Advent, we ponder the underlying understanding that arrival happens after we have been waiting and preparing. 

Arrival, waiting, preparation—all facets of our friend, Advent.

Advent tells us that Jesus has arrived and that He will come again. It asks us to reflect on the “already but not yet”—those realities we already know and experience, as well as the promises we believe but are not yet fully ours. These certainties of the “already but not yet” make all the difference in our lives today, and so do the realities of waiting and preparing.  

Advent Cover

Even though Jesus has come, we are still in the in-between—the waiting—the space between Eden and Heaven. We wait for Jesus to make Himself known to us here, and we wait for Him to one day take us Home.

Our waiting for arrival leads us to preparation. As Christmas approaches, we prepare our homes, our gifts, and our hearts. 

We know what it is like to look forward to something, to wait, and to prepare for it—the birth of a child, the soldier coming home from deployment, or the gift wrapped in colorful paper which will soon be ours. 

As we wait for the celebration of the arrival of the most important Someone, let us wait and prepare together.  

Let us together welcome our friend Advent for a good visit this year. 

Because Jesus has arrived,

David and Joyce Schroeder

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These messages were preached by David and Joyce Schroeder during the 2016 Advent Season at Bethany Church in Centennial, Colorado.  Filmed by Ken Glass, Flashriver.com